Hi, my name is Brittany Vrooman. I am a Nurse Practitioner in rural Manitoba, mom of two littles and farm wife.

With the global pandemic in full swing, I decided to return to wearing scrubs at work. I went on the search for a perfect set of scrubs that were comfortable, fashionable, and functional. However, it was a battle to find scrubs that ticked all the boxes.

Through this search, I came across some amazing Canadian brands that I had to try out and fell in love with. Supporting our local Canadian economy is important to me. I decided, why not showcase all the high quality Canadian brands of comfortable, fashionable and functional workwear in one place? From there, Get Scrubbed Co was born.

All of the brands stocked at Get Scrubbed Co. are Canadian, mainly women owned, and many of the owners work in the healthcare themselves. They utilize thier own products daily and stand behind them. These are all amazing attributes to these companies and I am proud to stock and support every one of them.

I want to thank you for visiting and supporting my shop which in turn supports these amazing Canadian brands.

Brittany Vrooman

Owner - Get Scrubbed Co.